Maxilizer Granule

  • Brand NameMaxilizer Granule
  • Technical NamePlant Biostimulant
  • Crops Maize, Paddy, Potato, Pulses, Sugarcane, Wheat, Oilseeds, Horticultural

Powered by iNET Technology:

iNET or IndoLife Nutrient Enabler Technology has been researched and developed by our in-house ‘Plant Nutrition Experts’ at our R&D facility. iNET is a scientific formulation developed through unique microbial metabolic processes that enables nutrient availability at the right stage & its assimilation at optimum speed.


  • Product Specifications
  • Mode of Action

    Maxilizer Granules is an i-NET technology product. Soil Health and soil fertility is crucial to improve crop productivity. The ingredients present in the formulation help to improve photosynthetic activity of plant which help them to become greener, the flow of carbohydrate and other bioactive compound also increases. The compounds exude through roots in rhizospheric and granular formulation provides food to soil microbes which feed upon these compounds and multiply. These soil microbes helps in decomposition of organic matter, mineralization and recycling of nutrients, detoxification of pollutants, maintaining soil structure, suppressing pathogens thus improving overall soil health and crop productivity.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Bioactive nutrient and compounds promotes faster growth.
    • Improves photosynthetic activity and food production.
    • Improves absorption and assimilation of nutrient inside the plant.
    • Protects from damage due to abiotic stress.
    • Healthy Crop
    • Quality produce
  • Time of Application

    • Along with basal dose of fertilizers.
    • At the time of top dressing of fertilizers
  • Method of Application

    • Broadcasting
    • Band Placement
  • Application Rate

    Use Maxilizer Granules 15 to 30 kg per hectare.

  • Compatibility

    Maxilizer Granules can be mixed with all types of bulk fertilizers.

  • Phytotoxicity

    Phytotoxicity has not been reported, when used as recommended.

  • Available Packs

    1 Kg Pouch, 6 Kg Bag, 15 Kg Bag, 15 Kg Bucket, 48 Kg Drum

  • Disclaimer

    Since use of this product is beyond our control, we do not take any responsibility other than uniform quality of the product.