Maximus Soil Mix

Maximus Soil Mix
  • Brand NameMaximus Soil Mix

  • Product Specifications
  • Mode of Action

    Maximus Soil Mix is an eco-friendly product formulated growing medium designed to use in Gardens, Lawns and Potted Plants. As a growing medium this product caters to two main plant requirements-

    1. Supplying adequate quantity of nutrients, air and water to the roots.
    2. Promoting robust root growth thus enhancing physical support to the plants.
  • Key Composition

    Minerals, Perlite, Vermiculite, Bentonite, Coco Peat, Decomposed Organic Matters and Nutrients.

  • Benefits

    • Rich chemical free growing media helps promote stronger roots.
    • Clay minerals present prevents soil compaction, improves aeration and optimizes moisture retention in the soil.
    • Decomposed organic matter provides nutrition to plants for healthy growth.
    • Coco peat increases water holding capacity of soil, thus prevents frequent/ over watering of plants.
    • Overall, this growing medium strengthens plants and helps to combat adverse climatic conditions.
  • Application

    Mix 15-20 cm top soil with help of spade in following ratio:

    • Vegetable Garden : 3-5 kg/m²
    • Nursery Beds : 2-3 Kg/ m²
    • Potted Plants-
    Pot Size Dosage- Maximus Granules / Pot
    5-6” 100 g
    9-10" 150 g
    12-14" 200 g


  • Useful tips

    • Avoid over watering or allowing plants to dry out.
    • We recommend gloves while gardening.
    • Always read enclosed leaflet
  • Phytotoxicity

    Phytotoxicity has not been reported, when used as recommended.

  • Available Packs

    1 KG

  • Disclaimer

    Since use of this product is beyond our control, we do not take any responsibility other than uniform quality of the product.